If you are in Quebec, express yourself here, you are not alone...


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Jun 29, 2018
Too many times we think we are alone and isolated.
Someone said ''The biggest problem these days is not education, food or shelter, it is isolation.''
When you are alone, you think your difference is such a handicap that it may be paralysing.
When you realize you are not (alone), you stop seeing your difference as a handicap and rather see it as it is, just a 'difference', one like everyone has.
Our difference doesn't hurt anyone. It doesn't limit the liberty of anyone. It doesn't take anything from anyone.
It is OUR difference. We OWN it. In our lifetime, there will be very little things we will ever truly OWNED, that no one can take away from us.
Cross-dressing or being trans, is a part of us. A part of what we own.
Have you ever dream (while you sleep) that you were the other gender, or that you were cross-dressed?
I did. And I cannot tell you how happy i felt that morning... I wish that to happen to you too.
The best thing is, it makes me realize that even if i was not the most beautiful 'girl' around, I could still pretend to be... not for others... but for myself.
This is how it all began for me.
My life is not an easy one, it is not a fairy tale. Yours is probably not either...
But cross-dressing 'moments' are always 'special'. It is probably one of a few things that still make my life 'worthy' to be lived.
If you feel somewhat the same, please share, i would love to read you.
Maybe we can find a way not to feel so 'isolated' anymore.
If you can't post in english, i also read french. So don't be shy.
Thanks! :)

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Mar 18, 2018
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