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Jul 30, 2020
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I have five items which don't fit me properly so I don't see any point in keeping them.
I don't have any pictures right now, however I'll post of the dress.

I have two Le Chateau dresses which do not me. Some might remember my post a while back. The one is a size 12, which usually fits me well, but it was way too small in the lower ribcage area. It fit my waist, which is 33-34 in, and snug across my 38C boobs, but it seemed to fit there, livable. So then I bought a size 14 in the same charcoal grey, and a 16, which finally fit me! Usually a 16 in anything would be close to falling off me!
So, if you took 2-4 sizes off, and though of the smaller one as an 8-10, and the larger one as a 10-12 you would get a better idea if these would fit you.
There is virtually no stretch on these dresses so they will not pull out to fit you, you can see how big a gap there is in the back. My dressing assistant pulled as hard as she could, but she could get this close to doing up through the middle.
I very strongly ask you not to take these if you, or your SO don't think they will fit!

Then a lovely dusty rose La Vie en Rose convertible bra, which is too tight, even for a convertible bra. I'd suggest if you are a 36, this would fit you better than I.

Lastly, a pair of jeans which are too large for me! These are from the US store Venus, and usually I take a 10, mabe an 8 even with hips pads on, so I think you'd need to be a 12 or slightly more to fill these out. The fit isn't right, and they tend to slide off of my hips.

As I said earlier, please, please only take these if you believe they will fit you, or your SO.
We can either meet if you're local, or I'll send them to you. With the cost of Postage I would appreciate something to cover those costs, but no cost for the clothes.



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