1. Jesse @ Jesse:
    YEA, back upđź‘Ťđź‘Ť
  2. J @ Jspchat:
    Hello everyone
  3. Kristineshayla @ Kristineshayla:
    Sure is quite around here tonight ...guess ppl are thinking about the queen
  4. LovelyLoren @ LovelyLoren:
    420 bong song! what's playing on your radio now?
  5. Krisrmd @ Krisrmd: always! 1920's to the latest ads
  6. Starlahmae @ Starlahmae:
    Pretty quiet here these days. Was hoping to chat. Missing you girls.
  7. Jillian @ Jillian:
    It's summer. I haven't even played any video games games lately. Any free time is out by the firepit
  8. Stephany @ Stephany:
    Some days it is better to be dead that living a fucking lie
  9. Mariane @ Mariane:
    @Stephany I hope it gets better. Sending you hugs
  10. Kristineshayla @ Kristineshayla:
    Well im free today if anyone wants to meet or do coffee
  11. A @ AveryStirling:
    Hey everyone! I'm new here and I'd love to chat if anyone is interested
  12. fox body @ fox body:
    hello any one on here tonight
  13. April @ April:
    Ooooofta!!!! I have had so much coffee today watching Ian come ashore, I can see noises!!!