1. Jillian @ Jillian:
    Anyone interested in a weekly discord live voice chat? Like every Thursday night at 7 or something?
  2. Krisrmd @ Krisrmd:
    Used to do live vid chat a few years ago software/site called "whereby".. for live vid/chat to 45 mins at a time for free
  3. Alexa Desire @ Alexa Desire:
    I usually go live feed on bigo
  4. Jillian @ Jillian:
    If you would like me to promote your live feed on here just let me know. Same with anyone else. I can setup a special notification here for when you go live.
  5. P @ Prissty:
    Yes. Please set up feeds for Alexa And Kris.;):)
  6. Jillian @ Jillian:
    If you have a live feed to promote please send me a private message with all the details
  7. veryparticularcd @ veryparticularcd:
    Hello Gurls, I am new here and would love to chat, living in Nelson BC
  8. M @ MarcieRhodes:
    I am another new or reinstated member, wanting to participate in this forum:)
  9. M @ MarcieRhodes:
    Are there any CD'S on this site
  10. April @ April:
    Tons of us @MarcieRhodes
  11. Sandra @ Sandra:
    This site has really been a godsend for me. Thank everyone so much
  12. W @ welshgurl:
  13. April @ April:
    Hi @welshgurl Welcome to the site.
  14. April @ April:
    You have been a real asset to the site since you joined @Sandra
  15. Kaitlynn1429 @ Kaitlynn1429:
    morning ladies
  16. Kaitlynn1429 @ Kaitlynn1429:
    id be into a group discord just wouldnt be able to make it on thursdays lol
  17. Jillian @ Jillian:
    A weekly discord voice chat can be great. Such as every Thursday night at 9. SCTV reference there. If anyone wants to run it feel free.
  18. J @ JESSI GIRL:
    wodering if any members are looking for girls,to hitch up with
  19. J @ JESSI GIRL:
    sharing,dressing,make up ect or get together
  20. Kaitlynn1429 @ Kaitlynn1429:
    anyone here this weekend?
  21. steph @ steph:
    just us chickens..
  22. RJ @ RJ:
    If a xdresser has sex with a woman. Does that qualify them as a lesbian?
  23. April @ April:
    No @RJ it is worse than that! It qualifies them as normal!! Yikes!!!!šŸ¤£
  24. Crossdressingman @ Crossdressingman:
    I'd like to
  25. mollylu412 @ mollylu412:
    @JESSI GIRL My ideal match, and what actually led me to start dressing, (even though it wasn't planned), is a femdom type who is into pegging. That would be my absolute dream partner. in April of 2022 I decided that, and is that there are not really any options for finding somebody like that near me I started looking on a more Continental scale is in anyone in North America assuming relocation would be required but worth it for the right person.
  26. Ashley050 @ Ashley050:
    Stupid me but what is pegging?
  27. jenna lynne @ jenna lynne:
    The act of intercourse where a woman inserts a strap-on dildo into the anus of a man.
  28. PaulaB @ PaulaB:
    google it
  29. P @ Prissty:
    Usually more than once, stroke rate and depth is variable
  30. R @ Riczzyyy1966:
    Sounds fantastic