1. Jesse @ Jesse:
  2. SparklingBecky @ SparklingBecky:
    Anyone from Vancouver Island? Especially Nanaimo to Campbell River? Drop me a line!
  3. Veronica Lane @ Veronica Lane:
    Anyone want to come to White Rock and smoke a big fatty or 3 on the beach and just enjoy the day? :)
  4. Veronica Lane @ Veronica Lane:
    Coffee and a chat??
  5. Veronica Lane @ Veronica Lane:
    Justa chat?
  6. Carly @ Carly:
    Veronica ….I think peeps might be scared of your big fatties 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂
  7. Kali @ Kali:
    Reminder for Edmonton ladies! Check the new post about Oct in Group Meetups! :)
  8. Veronica Lane @ Veronica Lane:
    K Buye
  9. LindaD @ LindaD:
    Any one want to plan to meet for dressing fun
  10. Diana @ Diana:
    Oct group meet in edmonton😍
  11. Stephany @ Stephany:
    Drove from vegreville to scarborough to clear parents house cant wait to go back
  12. RJ @ RJ:
    That's a long drive x2.
  13. Veronica Lane @ Veronica Lane:
    Put out a plea for help, got smart ass in reply, Thanks
  14. Veronica Lane @ Veronica Lane:
    Last glass of wine, last hope for friendship. I had a good time here but was abandoned at the end, there are no friends here!
  15. Cindy @ Cindy:
    What's up Veronica?
  16. Alexa Davies @ Alexa Davies:
    I guess my request to talk was not enough
  17. Alexa devine @ Alexa devine:
    Had to do name change from alexa davies
  18. Giovanna Botta @ Giovanna Botta:
    Anyone close to downtown Vancouver? Every Tuesday between 6 and 8 PM I’m dressing up, looking for people to walk around Davie with me. Charlene my bestie can’t do at that time…
  19. Tara_Spears @ Tara_Spears:
    I'm nervouscited x Girls Night Out event is just 12 hours away for me.
  20. AmyDresser @ AmyDresser:
    Too bad you girls are so far away there, otherwise I'd love to join you.
  21. Alexa devine @ Alexa devine:
    Always to far away or wrong time on my side
  22. Kaitlynn1429 @ Kaitlynn1429:
    boring sunday eh :p
  23. Alexa devine @ Alexa devine:
    Still looking for someone to dress with in edmonton
  24. alta_lola @ alta_lola:
    sorry Alexa.....won't be too long till i'min the new place
  25. alta_lola @ alta_lola:
    Tara how was your outing?